anyway i wrote her some courferre because that is what friends do

There are ninety-seven ceiling tiles in the laundry room. He can only fit half his body in the dryer, probably more if he didn’t have a neck. His left sock has twenty-three dancing sheep on it, but his right sock only has twenty two. He found two pennies and a mangled piece of gum in the middle washing machine, and a ziploc bag of light blueish-green powder labeled ‘FOR SCHOOL’ between the dryers and the wall. There’s a three tile by three tile space of floor next to the third dryer where the motion sensor for the lights can’t detect him, and the dryer makes worrying lurching noises in 4/4 time.

It’s 1:46 in the morning.

Combeferre’s phone is dead.

This is probably what hell feels like.

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When ever I find myself in times of crisis, I look to the wise words of Ramin Karimloo-


my favourite little musical theater things- ryan steele’s pirouette at the end of seize the day 

from Desert Places by Robert Frost

from Desert Places by Robert Frost


i pretend to be punk rock but im really just a vaguely emo indie pop kid who loves fall out boy a lot

Anonymous said:
why only e and r?? (once again you really don't have to answer, sorry if i'm bothering you )


i have three main reasons for headcanoning enjolras and grantaire as white

  1. I like the idea of Enjolras coming from privilege and internalized prejudice and ignorance and working to overcome those, and learning that occasionally as much as he wants to fight for something, the fight isn’t his, and that sometimes he needs to step aside and let people with real, personal experience have their say
  2. I get kinda uncomfortable if Enjolras is white and Grantaire isn’t? Like they’re supposed to be opposites but Grantaire is also supposed to be really ugly so I dunno it’s just uncomfy
  3. I need at least three fics where Enj and R are the only white Amis and whenever they get into one of those blow-up, ridiculous, unnecessary, Grantaire-was-arguing-the-opposite-point-yesterday-he’s-obvously-just-trying-to-irritate-you shouting matches, the rest of Les Amis roll their eyes, shake their heads in fond exasperation, and sigh, ‘…white people’

okay so I’ve made pinterest boards for my les mis AU and I’ve got

for now to keep an idea of how I imagine them dressing/looking in the AU

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